We Love Playing

With Wood!



  Woodworking, some say, is a lifestyle not a hobby. A debatable thought. Regardless of your skill set, woodworking projects can be relaxing and rewarding. We all agree that nothing compares to the satisfaction of a completed project.


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  Do you remember your first foray into the world of woodworking? Was it a birdhouse, tool caddy, candlestick holder, or a knick-knack shelf? Everyone was proud! That lit the creative fire that led to where you are now.

  Most of us who enjoy woodworking projects, would rather build than buy. That is exactly why we need a forum to share tips and ideas to help all involved in woodworking, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. Let's work together to get people from the office to the shop.


  You are probably wondering what we aim to accomplish here. That’s a reasonable question. Woodworking spans a broad spectrum. From choosing the right project, to choosing the correct wood. Also, complex issues in the craft involve which tools you own, or have access to. There are many different ways to achieve the same end result.


  Woodworking is not rocket science. You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of tools to have success. We plan to show the “weekend warrior” with limited tools, how to build.  Also, the experienced woodworkers will not be alienated. Everyone has little tricks. We have all tweaked conventional woodworking practices at one time or another to suit the project before us. Most times successfully.

  That’s what this is all about, sharing thoughts and techniques. We all get better with shared knowledge.


  Also, we recommend you check out these woodworking books.


  As the site grows, we need your input. We all have opinions and experiences. Talk to us…we’ll post them! Woodworking is an ever evolving craft. Do you have a new tool? Review it, tell the world. Problem tools make life difficult. How about plans for a project, pictures of one you just completed share them with us. 

Do you have a woodworking tool passed down from a relative, but have no idea how to use it? Maybe there is someone out there who knows how to use it. Have you had odd experiences with a certain wood? What is you favorite wood?

  Do you like old school varnish, tung oil, or polyurethane? How about stain…or are you a purist? Woodworking is a passion of all of us here. Help us show that this isn’t your Grandfather’s hobby from days gone bye.

  The fact is, alive and well in the 21 century, is the world of woodworking!